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What's Your Aroma Style?

There's nothing more gratifying than entering a clean, fresh, and pleasant smelling home - especially after a long and arduous day, or after being away for any length of time. Having a clean smelling home not only makes you and your family or housemates feel good, it makes your visitors and guests feel welcome and at ease.

The trick to having a consistently sweet smelling home, especially if there are pets or smokers who live there, is to use a number of different essential oils as part of your ongoing care and maintenance. The collection of oils you tend to use for this collectively make up your Aroma Style.

Clean Air Starts at Home

Did you know that a candle with a lead-core wick has been shown to release five times the amount of lead considered hazardous for children, and exceeds EPA pollution standards for outdoor air?

To be safe, it's always best to use 100% vegetable (soy) candles with clean-burning lead-free and zinc-free wicks.

QUICK TIP: To be sure your candlewicks are lead-free, rub the tip of the fresh wick on a piece of paper. If it leaves a gray mark then it’s a NO. Time to switch to a cleaner-burning candle!

We offer a wide selection of options for safely scenting your home without polluting the air you breathe. From 100% clean-burning aromatherapy soy candles, to water-based aromatherapy mist sprays, electric oil diffusers, essential oils, and diffuser blends, we have everything you need to create a safe, stress-free home spa experience!