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Green Initiatives



Green Initiatives

Being a green business was a big part of the motivation for starting the company and has guided our vision and philosophy with regards to product formulation from the start. Over the years we have learned a lot about the myriad ways, big and small, a company can deepen its sustainability and as we grow, we continue to find new and greener ways to do even the simple things in a business. 

For our industry, it all starts with the source --ingredients and packaging, and drills down from there. From cradle to grave, we are committed to maintaining ecologically sound manufacturing processes and using primarily organic, sustainably grown and harvested bio-based raw materials to ensure their safety and integrity for everyday use; make a minimal footprint on the environment in terms of resources used to make them; and maintain full biodegradability at the end of their life cycle.

That's why our products are free of synthetic chemicals and petroleum ingredients, handmade locally in Northern California with high quality certified organic oils and pure essential oils sourced from around the world, and packaged in re-usable or recyclable containers.

Some of the other ways that we are "greening" our business include:

  • We choose re-usable and recyclable packaging for our products and design packaging with an eye towards using less resources (energy & materials)

  • We re-use or recycle most packing and shipping materials, containers, and packaging components

  • We minimize paper use by printing on both sides of documents and when the paper can no longer be used, shred it for use as packing material or recycle it

  • We convert sales and business information materials into digital format and wherever possible, distribute them electronically thereby reducing use of paper and printing resources

  • We use 100% recycled and bleach-free paper products --everything from copy and printer paper, to mailing labels, paper towels and toilet paper!

  • We use Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) and situate working spaces to allow for the inflow of as much natural lighting as possible

  • We use Energy Star equipment and appliances (computers, monitors, printers, refrigerators, etc.)

  • We have eliminated drinking water from plastic bottles

  • We recycle and compost

  • We donate used equipment and books to non-profit organizations

Dropwise Essentials products are:

  • Free of synthetic chemicals and petroleum ingredients
  • Made with high quality certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils sourced from around the world
  • Packaged in re-usable or recyclable materials
  • Hand-made locally in northern California
  • Never tested on animals

Green America: Approved for People and Planet