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Dropwise Essentials Among Top 100 Environmentally & Socially Responsible Companies In The GoodGuide

Dropwise Essentials Among Top 100 Environmentally
& Socially Responsible Companies In The GoodGuide


CONTACT: Donya Fahmy
Email: publicity@dropwise.com


San Francisco, CA – Dropwise Essentials, a green business specializing in aromatherapy and natural personal care products scored high marks for environmental and social performance from the GoodGuide.com, placing it among the guide's Top 100 rated companies, and among its Top 20 personal care companies.

The GoodGuide, which provides authoritative information about the health, environmental and social impacts of products and companies, gives Dropwise Essentials an average scientific rating of 6.2, which is 25.7% higher than the average for all company ratings within the guide. Dropwise's Average Core Company Environmental Performance rating is 6.1, which is 19% higher than the average for all company ratings. And its Average Core Company Social Performance score is 6.4 –a whopping 36% higher than the average for all company ratings, which is 4.71.

Dropwise Essentials also received overall product ratings of 7.1 out of 10, and scored very high on certain categories including overall environmental management, community relationship building, management policies, and how they treat their workers.

"From the start, our mission has been to promote sustainability and ‘green' living by educating and empowering consumers (especially women) to make safer, health conscious choices when it comes to their personal care product consumption," says Donya Fahmy, Dropwise Founder and CEO. "These GoodGuide ratings validate that we are on the right track and provide a benchmark for what we need to work on going forward," she added.

The GoodGuide scores reflect Dropwise Essentials' commitment since its inception, to strive for peak environmental performance along with the safety and integrity of all its products, which scored an 8.8 out of 10 in the Health category. The company motto is: "If it's not safe to put in your mouth, it's not safe to put on your skin." Named a "Champion" by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Dropwise products are formulated without the use of synthetic chemicals, petroleum, or other potentially harmful ingredients. They are handcrafted with high quality certified organic oils and pure essential oils, and packaged in re-usable or recyclable containers.

The GoodGuide is in business to provide authoritative information about the health, environmental and social performance of products and companies. To address the consumer marketplace's need for better information, GoodGuide has assembled a team of scientific and technology experts that includes specialists in life cycle assessment, environmental engineering, chemistry, nutrition and sociology. Together they work to acquire and compile high quality data, which is then organized and transformed into actionable information for consumers. This helps consumers find products that are safe, environmentally sustainable and produced using ethical sourcing of raw materials and labor. 

To see Dropwise Essentials' product ratings on GoodGuide.com visit http://www.goodguide.com/products?company_id=37929

For a summary of its rankings and its company profile on GoodGuide.com:

For more information on Dropwise Essentials visit https://www.dropwise.com/about/

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Dropwise Essentials products are:

  • Free of synthetic chemicals and petroleum ingredients
  • Made with high quality certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils sourced from around the world
  • Packaged in re-usable or recyclable materials
  • Hand-made locally in northern California
  • Never tested on animals

Green America: Approved for People and Planet